Strong aftermarket

Strong ­aftermarket

Erik Eklöv, Managing Director Transport Solutions

How did 2021 turn out for Transport Solutions?
“The strong market has continued throughout 2021. Thanks to our strong organisation and experienced employees, we have managed to solidify our position as market leaders.”

For further growth, we strongly ­believe in the joint ­development of the private-­label offering.

What are the main events?  
“The acquisition of CDS that already has contributed to our private-label development in the lighting segment. Another success is the move of the production sites in TMT Finland, which has led to a better working environment and more efficient production. An additional highlight is the launch of the website Nordeye, an independent online webshop directed towards private consumers.”

What trends and opportunities do you see?  
“The lack of chassis from the vehicle producers will impact the industry also the coming year. This will require us to pool our strengths together and find new ways to service our customers. The strong aftermarket will continue in 2022. As fewer new vehicles will come on the roads, the old ones will require more spare parts.”

Where do you see the best growth potential?
“Through the combination of acquisitions and organic growth. Most of our companies are specialised and grow steadily by finding new customers and introducing more products to their assortment. For further growth, we strongly believe in the joint development of the private-label offering. We will also continue to work with our R&D to develop and bring out new niche solutions.”


Transport Solutions offers innovative solutions within cargo securing and vehicle components. Together, the companies provide market leading solutions to European transport providers, freight forwarders, truck and trailer owners, body builders, other heavy vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ­shipping lines and airlines.
we are TRANSPORT solutions
AB Karosseritillbehör, SE
ACK Forankra S.A.S., FR
allsafe Gmbh & Co KG, DE
Altec France, FR
CDS Produkter AB, SE
Forankra AB, SE
Forankra España S.L., ES
Forankra Pol Sp. z o.o., PL
Forankra Pritchard Ltd, GB
L-Ex France, FR
Nordeye AB, SE
Ro-Ro International TM AB, SE
Sternhammar AB, SE
TMT Malinen Baltic OÜ, EE
TMT Malinen OY, FI
Trailerkomponenter AB, SE
TRS Motorsport Ltd, GB
Verne AS, NO
Widni Baltic OÜ, EE
Widni OY, FI

Stronger together

Swedish wholesaler CDS, specialising in accessories for cars and the transport industry, wanted to gear up its operations and ambitions. The company found its perfect match in Axel Johnson International.

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High acquisition rate

The group’s acquisition rate continued to be high in 2021, with a total of 15 acquisitions. ­During the year, Fredrik Eklund was ­appointed Director of Strategy and M&A, taking lead on the strategic ­direction and supporting the business groups.

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